For the Record

It has been said by a few people over the years, by animal activists and even wrangler’s that “Gary, is a business man and is only in the animal business for the money”. Well, that is so far from the truth, if that was the case after 23 years in business I still have little more money than I started with, I still live in my zoo, and am still driving old beater vehicles or donated ones. I still buy my clothes at value village with the exception of my Hat, and I still struggle to make ends meet.

If anyone wants to know where the money I do make goes they are more than welcome to go over the receipts from my spending and see that the money goes towards food and vitamins for the animals & upkeep of the facilities and paying what little staff I have. Then they may think differently. Over the past 23 years I’ve had a total of 2 weeks real vacation time, I guess I must really love animals & the work I do.

I hope when my book comes out this June things might improve for me financially, but knowing me any amount of money I do make, large or small, will still go to the animals and education.

To anyone out there who is thinking of getting into the animal business to get rich, you may want to reconsider.


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