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K-9 Star Jag Oliver January 29, 1997 – March 21, 2011

Well, this is my first blog. But I have to admit it’s not one I enjoy writing; however, it is something I  feel I need to do.

Jag Oliver

Monday March 21, 2011 the first day of spring I had the difficult decision to have Jag my dog and sidekick of 14 years  put to sleep. Jag was a German Shepard, conceived in Germany from a champion schutzhund sire and born in Winnipeg Manitoba. When I got Jag he was 8 weeks old and I never once had to bring him to the vet, What a dog!. He loved people and all the animals around the zoo. Jag never gave me one day of trouble, and most people who met him fell in love with his winning personality. Jags best friend (other than myself of course) was a teacup Chihuahua named Sisi, one lick from Jags tongue would soak Sisi!

We had many fun adventures together from hiking in the forests to working on many TV series and feature films, commercials & ads to labels for K-9 vitamins. He was also quite the model in front of any camera.

 Jag was always there for me to keep me going through all the hard times and hurdles I faced while trying to keep the zoo going. I will always cherish our memories we shared and will miss him very much, he was the epitome of unconditional love & loyalty.

Farewell my friend,


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