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Cold shoulders & Paperwork, my trip to Victoria

Prior to my visit to Victoria I was really uncertain what to expect but spent several days filling out all the required documents on each animal that was under the C.A.S act along with photos of each animal, habitats, doors & locks. To say the least the reception I received for my cooperation was very cold and discouraging and when I offered to sit with them to discuss how I may help to find some alternative solutions they said they did not have time to listen and good-bye.

I was also told by another government employee that the ban of all exotic animals (fish-birds-hamsters etc…) is looming in the future; however I have a really hard time believing that will ever pass.

As I have said before, I certainly believe in stricter regulations, but not when it comes to banning all exotic pets right across the board.

It was recently said by Peter Fricker of V.H.S that is not right that exotic animals should be kept in captivity as they are restrained from movement in cages & aquariums. This he was saying as his dog was puling like crazy on his leash to have his freedom. Believing that they are under stress living in captivity and should be put down, their stress is far less in captivity than in the wild & their life expectancy is far greater as they do not have to worry about predators.

I do agree they should be left in the wild if we leave any natural wild habitats for them to live in.  The animals we have here were rescued and possibly doomed under the hands of inexperienced people or worse, subjected to just plain cruelty. What kind of thinking is it to kill an animal that is in captivity by no choice of its own, I am pretty sure the animal would choose a life in captivity over death.

If activists want to make a difference then they should focus their work on saving their habitats, it would be much better to have animals flourishing in the wild than to have the last of their species in zoos.

I believe these animals that we have saved and introduced to countless children all over the lower mainland can make a difference to influence these kids to grow up to work in the field of animals as it did with me and If one kid out of my life’s work is to grows up to be responsible for saving an animal that is on the path to extinction than it was worth it.

I believe words, pictures, books & film do not have the same effect as the real thing. Look at pictures of the Rockies and tell me it is better than seeing them in real life. I don’t think so!